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Life Home Study Program

Life Home Study Program

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  • The Process:* Complete the purchase of the Correspondence Course.
  • * We will mail the study materials to the student's address by the next Business Day.
  • * The student receives the material and studies the material at their own pace.
  • * When ready to take the Prelicensing Final Examination, call or email us indicating so.
  • * We will mail by First-Class Mail a sealed envelope containing the examination.
  • * The student receives the sealed envelope BUT does not open it.
  • * Instead he/she hands it to a Disinterested Third Party when ready to take the exam.
  • * After completion, mail the exam to us, we will grade it.
  • * Upon passing, we will email an Examination Admission Ticket to the student.
A Disinterested Third Party means a person not related to the examinee, an immediate supervisor or employee of the examinee, and not concerned, with respect to possible gain or loss, in the result of a pending course final examination. NO REFUNDS AND/OR TUITION TRANSFER FOR CORRESPONDENCE COURSE(S). The Corrpesondence program MUST be completed within 6 MONTHS.

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